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When it comes to your personal, financial and account information we take our role serious to ensure you are protected. View some of our frequently asked questions below to ensure you know how to stay protected.

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How do I get an SEI Credit Union password for online banking?
In order to use our online banking, you will need a password.  To get your new password, go to our website, click the ‘Login’ button, enter your account number, and continue entering the required information.  A temporary password will be generated for you, which you will use once, then the website will prompt you to change it.  It’s that simple!

Forgot your password?
Don’t you just hate it when that happens! Unfortunately, neither the credit union nor our web system administrator can ‘lookup’ or otherwise inquire on your password. It’s not technically possible. What we can do is issue you a new one, which you can change on your first visit to the secure site. Contact us for further information.

How secure is online banking at SEI Credit Union?
Naturally, security is a significant concern to Internet users. SEI Credit Union is connected to the internet in a way that keeps all the credit union’s internal systems and member information away from prying eyes. We have used every precaution to protect your accounts. Every bit of information sent or received is encrypted, making it unreadable during transmission. We also have a firewall protecting the credit union’s host computer. In addition to the systematic precautions that we have taken to ensure information security, your SEI Credit Union password ensures that you are the only authorized user with access to your account information. Be sure to change your password every six months or so to ensure its integrity. Keep your password in a secure place and don’t reveal it to anyone. No one at SEI Credit Union will ever ask for your password.

Can I transfer from my account to my spouse or child’s account?
Yes, you can if you are a joint owner on the account.  Contact the credit union and we can get that set up for you!

Is there a fee to use online banking at SEI Credit Union?
There is no fee to use SEI Credit Union’s online banking.

What type of browser do I need to access the website?
It is recommended to use the latest version of your current browser, we suggest Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Do I need to install any special home banking software?
No, all you need is a PC and an internet service provider. If you currently have internet access you will be able to access your accounts on our Internet web site.

What do I do if I suspect fraud on my debit card after hours?
You can call our Debit Card Fraud Department at 888-241-2440


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