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We've taken the liberty to share our fees with you so you can plan ahead. View all fees below.

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Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule Effective April 15, 2021

Courtesy Pay 
NSF Fee 
Return Item Fee 
Deposited Item Return 
Stop Payment Fee 
Copy of Checks and Deposits 
Copy of Statement 
Cashier’s Checks 

Copy of Cashier’s Check 

Domestic Wire

Visa Gift Card (Not Reloadable) 
Debit Card Fee 
Rush Debit Card Fee
Senior Accounts (55 and older) 

Overdraft Late Fee; After 20 Days 

Loan Late Fee; After 20 Days 
Deferral Fee (Per Loan) 
Title Fee 
UCC Fee 

*All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

*First 3 Free/Month



$10 per card after 1 time lost
Free Checks




Loan Fees


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